Choosing a Bell Tent... Which Groundsheet?

Choosing a SoulPad bell tent that’s right for you and your family is key to successful camping and one factor to consider is which groundsheet to choose. That’s why we here at SoulPad HQ would like to talk you through the three bell tent groundsheets we currently have available and explain the different features each one has to offer.

Hopefully this will help make the purchase of your SoulPad bell tent a quick and easy process so you can start enjoying your glamping adventures and create those special memories along the way!

We currently offer three bell tent groundsheets. 


Pegged-in Groundsheet (PIG)

Bell Tent with Pegged in Groundsheet

The PIG features a 20cm PVC mudguard sewn to the base of the canvas flysheet. The mudguard tucks under the groundsheet and is pegged into place.
The video here demonstrates how it’s done.
The PIG is a lightweight groundsheet that can be cleaned and packed away separately from the canvas flysheet making life easier if you happen to be returning from a muddy campsite!

The PIG is featured on our SoulPad-lite model and available in 4m and 5m.

Please note: Replacement PIG’s are available on our website here. The PIG is also available as a Luxurious Groundsheet featuring extra thick (550gm2) PVC. Some customers use this luxurious PIG as a footprint for their SoulPad-hybrid, ease and tribe models to protect the existing groundsheet.


Sewn-in Groundsheet (SIG)

Bell Tent With Sewn in Groundsheet

The permanently-attached groundsheet with close stitching helps prevent unwanted bugs and critters entering your ‘Pad in the middle of the night as well as deterring small children from escaping through the groundsheet to explore the campsite after lights out! Its ‘bathtub’ style design offers great weather assurance if you happen to find yourself pitched on a boggy campsite because this groundsheet extends 10cm up the side walls of the tent, protecting the canvas flysheet and your belongings from excess ground water.The SIG is sewn to the canvas flysheet and makes pitching extremely easy because the tent is erected as a whole and requires fewer tent pegs to secure it to the ground than the PIG.

The SIG is a luxurious 100% PVC, heavyweight groundsheet (540gm²) ideal for families who tend to create a heavier footfall and is featured on the SoulPad-ease model and available in 3m, 4m and 5m. And finally...


Zipped-in Groundsheet (ZIG)

Bell Tent With Zipped-in Groundsheet

The ZIG offers the same great features as the PIG, including the ability to roll up the walls of the tent as well as providing the same level of ease when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The ZIG features the same bathtub style design as the SIG yet comes in the luxurious 100% PVC heavyweight groundsheet (540gm²), again making it ideal for a heavy footfall and also comfortable underfoot.

It's a great ‘all rounder’ offering plenty of versatility.

The SoulPad-hybrid and SoulPad-hybrid-G both feature the ZIG and are available in 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m. 

So there you have it...all three groundsheets explained! There’s no right or wrong decision. Purchase your SoulPad bell tent today and see where the great outdoors takes you this season. Don’t forget to Instagram your SoulPad adventures to we love nothing more than seeing our ‘Pads out and about with their new owners!


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This article was adapted from one published on our blog. You can read more like it here.