Complete Blaze-flue setup in a SoulPad bell tent. The flue exits through the Genie.


Blaze-flue™ is a complete, top of the range flue kit. Designed for use with the...

Price: £219.00

Witches Hat. Fits on the top of the flue pipe, prevents rain and wind entering the flue.

Witches Hat

A Grade 1 stainless steel (1mm) witches hat with provision for guy ropes. The use of...

Price: £55.00

Stainless Steel Flue Pipe.

Flue Pipe

Stainless Steel Flue Pipe. One easy to transport section of flue pipe. Colour: Silver,...

From: £32.00

Flue Locking Band. Securely join the flue pipes.

Locking Band

A great fix for securing joints in flue pipes in line. Just clamp at the joint where...

Price: £16.00