Faux Hide

Warming, stylish and luxurious. These fake hides add a real sense of opulence to your...

From: £45.00

Fire Kettle

Fire Kettle

Boil water in all weathers with these sturdy, stylish and lightweight fire kettles....

From: £48.00

Tea Chest x2

We love tea chests! These flat-packs are safer to use without all those narly edges....

Price: £49.00

Rag Rugs

Extra-thick, multi-coloured, fair trade, recycled rag rugs made from leftovers and...

From: £50.00

Camp Kettle

For use on an open fire as well as on an electric, gas or induction stove. Has a...

From: £54.00

The Squishâ„¢ rolled up

The Squish

This all-purpose blanket, is soft and warm like a sleeping bag and keeps out ground...

Price: £54.50