Our SoulPods are the ultimate glamping experience for campers who don’t want to leave the comfort of indoors behind when they enjoy some outdoors living. SoulPods serve as a home from home, fully insulated and double glazed, and built to maximise space while enhancing your comfort.

Whether you are an individual looking to customise your perfect 'Pod, or a holiday park or campsite owner looking to provide guests with attractive accommodation, SoulPods are an affordable solution that still provides plenty of luxurious potential. 

Starting with a steel galvanised base, SoulPods use wood sourced from sustainable woodlands to create a homely appearance that will enhance any holiday experience. The superior craftsmanship of the SoulPod design keeps the landscape looking natural and unspoiled, with the 'Pods themselves cosy and inviting.

Every SoulPod is built to the highest standards to ensure they always provide the comfort and enjoyment each guest would expect from these most beautiful of camping accommodation options. All windows are lockable and double-glazed to keep the heat in during cold evenings and the noises of nature out. Each 'Pod features internal lights as well as an external light, plus electricity is always accessible via the sockets with supply connection points. The fully insulated wall panels keep the temperature inside however you want it, while each 'Pod is fitted with a smoke alarm letting you rest easy at night.

There are various customisable options for the SoulPods, but our prices generally start at around £10,000, with purchase finance arrangements always possible for our happy customers.

For more information about SoulPods, call Sean on 07850 657964 or complete the below contact form.


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For more information about SoulPods, contact us on 07850 657964 or complete the below contact form and someone will get back to you.

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