Tent & Gear Cleaner

500ml water-based cleaner for canvas tents, awnings, garden furniture and outdoor accessories (this 500ml goes a long way and will last for ages).

Plenty here to wash your SoulPad several times!

Note: if you are going to clean an area of your SoulPad® with this tent cleaner, you will also need to treat the affected area with a waterproofing treatment such as Fabsil UV 5L.

All the canvas in SoulPad® tents is treated at source to be water, UV and mould resistant and has been impregnated to protect it from dirt, ultraviolet radiation and fungus.

It is not necessary to treat your SoulPad® before use.

How often you treat your Pad thereafter depends largely on how much use it has had.

On average, most of us will need to clean and treat our SoulPads® once a year.

Price: £16.00

Tent Cleaner

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