Aluminium poles for your stretch tent. All poles are 40mm diameter, either 50cm or 110cm in length. The poleset will include a combination of pole lengths ready for you to experiment with.

The tent comes with the necessary adapters - incase you wish to fit wooden poles instead.

All sets are supplied with a 650g/m2 (tough) PVC carry bag.

Please choose the poleset that fits your choice of tent.

6.5m x 5m: 23x110cm poles, 6x50cm poles & 18 couplings

6.5m x 6.5m: 27x110cm poles, 8x50cm poles & 22 couplings

6.5m x 10m: 34x110cm poles, 8x50cm poles & 26 couplings

8.5m x 10m: 41x110cm poles, 7x50cm poles & 31 couplings

10m x 10m: 46x110cm poles, 10x50cm poles & 34 couplings

10m x 12m: 52x110cm poles, 10x50cm poles & 38 couplings

10m x 15m: 70x110cm poles, 15x50cm poles & 50 couplings

10m x 20m: 86x110cm poles, 21x50cm poles & 67 couplings

From: £305.00



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