SoulPad 5000-ridge™

Cotton canvas fly with sewn-in groundsheet (SIG), 5m x 4.5m footprint, two 2.1m entrances, 2.1m at centre, weight 44.5kg. This SoulPad® is based on a traditional design that has withstood the test of time.

Luxurious, extra thick (540g/m2) groundsheet which is 100% waterproof.

This groundsheet is 'bath tub' style.

If you're lucky enough to be camping in great weather and in need of some cool, breezy shade, simply unzip the two wide entrances at each end, both of which have secondary mosquito mesh wondows. Perfect if you need to catch some Zzz's on a hot day.

There are four velcro fastened windows on this SoulPad®, all with mosquito mesh fitted.

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What’s in the box?

x10 pin pegs
x30 stake pegs
x2 a-frame caps
x1 peg bag
x1 cotton canvas fly sheet with groundsheet attached
x1 canvas bag
x1 central pole
x2 apex poles
x4 corner poles
x30 guy lines with slides

The 5000-ridge™ will comfortably accommodate up to six users.

EU Classification: Touring Tent (type T)

Canvas Weight 285g m² / 10.05 ounces
Main Bag Dimensions 115 x 35 x 35 cm / 3' 9 9/32" x 1' 25/32" x 1' 25/32"
Total Weight 44.5 kg / 98.1 lbs
Apex Pole Ø 2.5 cm
Central pole Ø 2.5 cm
Vertical Wall Height 30 cm / 11' 13/16"
Entrance Width (widest) 445 cm / 175.2"
Entrance Height (highest) 200 cm / 78.7"
Ridge Height 210 cm / 6' 10 43/64"
Floor Dimensions W:450 x L:500 cm / W: 16' 4 27⁄32" x 14' 9 11/64"
From: £620.00 £730.00

SoulPad 5000-ridge™