Petromax Sandwich Iron

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We love nostalgia but function and nostalgia takes this bit of kit to a completely different level.

Honestly the Petromax Sandwich Iron makes the ultimate toasted sandwich. We have had great fun testing at SoulPad HQ! 

A handy tip, prep ahead and make a pile of sandwiches ready for toasting. Just make sure you have plenty of bread because they will be coming back for more..... They take no time to toast. Whatever combo takes your fancy. We may be purists but ham and tomato or ham, cheese and tomato takes some beating!

Whether on your camp-fire or grill you can make the toasted sandwiches with the cast iron long handled Sandwich Iron. The locking hook keeps both halves of the iron safely together. You could also cook bacon, steak, vegetables or eggs with the residual heat. A doddle to clean too.


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 For cleaning, the 2 halves can be separated at the hinge and cleaned individually.



Dimensions - 72 x 20 x 4.5cm   

Weight - 1.5kg