Magnetic Thermometer

Price: £17.00


Position on to the stove to monitor the temperature you are achieving. Attaches magnetically. Easy to move with a stay cool handle. Elegant design with genuine gold on porcelain panel. Designed for use with wood stoves.

It's a very good idea to be aware of the kind of temperatures you are achieving, and to know the temperatures your kit can handle.

Best positioned on top of the stove, near to the flue collar. Check the safest operation for the stove you are using. Safest operation for the Blaze™ stove (for example) is 200-225 deg C. At this point there is complete combustion and smoke is minimised.

Measures approx. 7 x 7cm

If using with the Blaze™ stove and Blaze-flue™, it is worth noting that the Silicone Collar can tolerate the following maximum temperatures: -


tested to intermittent +260 deg C (+500 deg F)
tested to continuous +225  deg C (+437 deg F) 

Anything more than this and the silicone collar is likely to breakdown and need replacing more quickly.