FLEXXER Stretch Tents by Bonga

These are the lighter weight version of our stunning PROFLEXX & TRIFLEXX stretch tents suitable for smaller gardens and family events.

Very easy and quick to set up

Lightweight: 270 gram/m2

Only 1 centerpole and 4 sidepoles needed

1 year return to manufacturer parts warranty, spares and servicing available.

Poles are available separately here, and not included with the tent. The Flexxer stretch tent comes with the necessary adapter - incase you wish to fit a wooden pole at the centre instead.

Did we mention they look amazing? More inspirational images here.

More details about the fabrics are on the 'Technical' tab above.

Poles are available separately and not included with the tent.

Welded Seams & Reinforced Corners Yes
Pegs for lawn & clay 8 Included as Standard
Corner Clamps & Grip 4 Included as Standard
Side Clamps & Grip 4 Included as Standard
Straps 8 Included as Standard
Wooden Pole Adaptors 1 Included as Standard
Polecaps (XL) 1 Included as Standard
Waterproof Storage Bag 2 Included as Standard
From: £550.00


Flexxer stretch tent by Bonga

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