Fabsil Protector

From: £42.00

A highly effective silicone-based water repellent treatment for all kinds of tents and tarpaulin fabrics.

There's enough in the 5L denomination to re-proof your entire SoulPad upto and including the SoulPad 5000-series.

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Simply pour the Fabsil UV into a pressurised container and spray onto the erected SoulPad® - you'll need a dry day to do this, it also helps if its not windy or you could end up waterproofing yourself!

All the canvas in SoulPad® tents is treated at source to be water, UV and mould resistant and has been impregnated to protect it from dirt, ultraviolet radiation and fungus.

It is not necessary to treat your SoulPad® before use.

How often you treat your Pad depends largely on how much use it has had.

On average, most of us will need to clean and treat our SoulPads® once a year.

The water repellant also contains a UV treatment which will help prevent fading and fabric degradation from harmful UV rays.

  • Concentrated silicone based waterproofing for tents and gear.
  • Provides UV protection that extends the life of textiles by reducing fading and degradation.
  • Dries to an odourless and colourless finish.
  • Reduces leakage and condensation due to fabric wet out.
  • Maintains look and feel of fabric.
  • Suitable for all absorbent materials.