Chrome Hurricane Lantern

Pure, shiny lantern power! These pressure lamps are gorgeous. Extremely weather resistant too.

This large lantern is a real talking point because of it's size. 

This amazing lanterns not only make a terrific talking point but are also extremely weather resistant and can be used for heating.

A superbly crafted technical item. Each one is composed of approximately 200 individual parts yet they are wonderfully reliable, long-lasting products. Buy one of these and you'll be in two minds about lighting it because it looks so good! 

Each lantern comes with the following accessories:

1 x funnel
1 x accessories and replacement parts set (6 pieces)
1 x spirit can
2 x incandescent mantle

Instructions are also provided. 

Large Lantern Dimensions:
Illumination: 400W
Capacity: 1.0 litres (approx 8-10 hours burn time)
Height: 40cm
Diameter: 17cm
Weight: 2.4kg
Fuel: Paraffin oil or kerosene 


Price: £159.00

Chrome Hurricane Lantern

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