Posh Bunting

Price: £40.00


2x 5.5m lengths of bunting. A generous 11 metres of fabulous rather swanky gorgeousness! 36 flags in total.

Luxury Beaded Champagne Stripe Bunting has 18 flags with gold lurex thread woven through very fine stripes of champagne, red, green, pink, blue, beige edged in delicate gold braid on a on muted beige/green/grey rope - stunning, subtle and catches the sunlight beautifully.

Glorious for dressing your SoulPad and adding some extra understated style. Equally it would work so well in the home. Ideal for weddings and special occasions. Sometimes you just need a bit more pizazz!

Dimensions: 550 x 21 x 27cm

11 metres in total (2 lengths of 5.5m)