Blaze-flue™ is a complete, top of the range flue kit. Designed for use with the Blaze™ stove.

The components in the Blaze-flue™ have a diameter of 4". The 4" gives added stability and a fast rate of expulsion of the smoke & gases.

How do I fit the Blaze-flue?

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This flue kit system locks together so well that there is no need for fire rope (or ladder tape) between the flue pipe sections. The flue components are incredibly lightweight (the lightest in our range) and are designed to fit together positively, with ease.

There is a saving in purchasing this kit rather than the component parts (all available separately).

The Blaze-flue™ is easy to install. Please click here to view full instructions.

Included items are listed below.

All flue pipes are grade 1, 1mm, stainless steel.

Flue Pipe 4" 500mm Length
Fixing Kit (M6) 10x screws, 20x washers, 10x wing nuts
Stove Back Plate 600 x 500 x 1mm
Glass Fibre Ladder Tape 1000 x 15 x 3mm
Witches Hat 4" Diameter
Collar Back Plate 4"-7" Diameter
Silicone Collar 4"-7" Diameter
Locking Bands x2 4" Diameter
Flue Pipe 4" 1000mm Length
Total Weight 2.7kg
Price: £195.00