Our stove is hand made here in the UK from top grade, UK sourced materials. It is beautifully hand crafted by one single Master Blacksmith at his forge.

Blaze™ Stove & Wooden Case

Price: £290.00

  • Nominal Output2.5kW
  • Weight (unboxed)14kg/30.8lbs
  • Overall Dimensions (incl. handle)41 x 22 x 40 cm

Handmade in the UK. The Blaze™ is an efficient, 2.5kw, lightweight wood burning stove.  With an extra high and chunky 4" flue collar. Produced by a Master Blacksmith.

Made by hand here in the UK from top grade, UK sourced materials. It is soulfully hand crafted. A very attractive heat source.

Can be used in any of the 40005000 and 6000 series SoulPad bell tents. Not suitable for use in the smaller 3000-series SoulPads.

The cage and ball handle design allows the heat to be cleverly dispersed. This means the handle won't get too hot to touch.

It is a sealed unit.

Delivered in a purpose built, wooden, metal edged container (see pic).

Blaze™ is designed to be used with the Blaze-flue™.

Is the Blaze™ Stove Right For Me?

The Blaze™ wood burning stove and Blaze-Flue™ configuration allow the user to decide on the stoves positioning (to a degree). The entrance must be kept clear for safety reasons. The stove is sited away from the centre of the SoulPad, closer to the 'wall', with the flue pipe fitted through the canvas via flashing (included in the Blaze-flue kit). A stable configuration without the need for further support.

We recommend the stove is fitted as per the illustrations.

Baffler inside the stove means no need for a spark arrester in the flue pipe system.

Comes with a neat and discreet device at the back to slot a stove back plate into. One freestanding unit.

Vent system allows control of air flow. Combine this with the airtight door and the result is a neat little wood burning stove with maximum log burning efficiency.

Top plate generous in size: 332 x 224mm (including flue collar).

The flue pipe connects at the top (not at the back) so the Blaze™ can be left in situ if you decide to roll the walls up on your SoulPad-lite/hybrid/hybrid-G. The top venting design of this stove also encourages an uninterrupted flow when expelling the smoke and flue gases. 

This configuration is particularly stable - the flue sits directly on top of the stove. 

Output 2.5kw

The Blaze™ is plenty to warm even the biggest of SoulPad tents.

Nominal Output 2.5kW
Weight (unboxed) 14kg/30.8lbs
Overall Dimensions (incl. handle) 41 x 22 x 40 cm
Overall Dimensions (excl. handle) 41 x 22 x 34 cm
Firebox Dimensions (hxwxd) 25 x 18 x 25 cm
Flue Outlet diameter Ø 10.2cm/4"
Door Hinge Left
Fire Rope Seal 8mm
Flue kits compatible with Blaze-flue™ & Blaze-tribeflue™