Black Metal Cage Lantern - Solar

Price: £15.00


This black solar cage lantern features an industrial inspired, contemporary design.

There are 2 warm white filament effect LEDs, housed within the retro style bulb. The warm glow casts fascinating shadows into the surrounding area.

The integrated solar panel, positioned on the top of the lantern, charges throughout the day using the sun’s energy, and the clever little light sensor automatically illuminates the LEDs at dusk to add a glow to your evening BBQs and summer soirees!

Since your lantern is solar-powered, it doesn’t require wiring, so there are no operating costs and installation is a breeze! Simply place in a non-shaded area, leave to charge in the Off position for two days and away you go."

Colour - Black

Dimensions - 24.5cm(H) x 15cm(W)

Weight - 640g