sleeved flue pipe

1000mm Sleeved Pipe

Price: £150.00


A 1mm stainless steel Sleeved Pipe. Allows the flue to pass through the vent of the SoulPad 5000-tribe™. The 1000mm Sleeved Pipe allows SoulPad 5000-tribe™ users to exit the flue through the vent cap at the top of the SoulPad® through the existing opening.

This allows the stove to be centrally located, just like a traditional tipi.

This piece consists of 1x 1000mm Flue Pipe, fitted with an outer sleeve and rain cap. It attaches to the other Ø 4" (100mm) flue pipes in the SoulPad® range, using a locking band and is produced from 1mm stainless steel.

Diameter of inner flue pipe: 4"

Colour: Stainless steel.

Description: 1x 1000mm Flue Pipe fitted with an outer sleeve and rain cap. 1mm Stainless Steel