Keep Your SoulPad Mould Free and in Tip-Top Condition. Pack Away Dry!

Cotton Canvas. Natural, Breathable, Comfortable.

There's one simple rule. Pack Away Dry.

Pack Away Dry To Prevent Mould

There's no worse feeling than rolling out your tent in The Spring to find it covered in mould or mildew. The memory of the last time you camped floods back at you all too clearly and you recall you were in a hurry. You packed it away wet. Then you forgot about it.

What a to-do!

You didn't follow the rule. The one rule. That's all you had to do.
Pack Away Dry.

Want to know the best way to dry your tent?

You're wondering about hanging it from the stairs, over the car, in the airing cupboard. No!

The best way to properly dry out a SoulPad is to re-pitch it. Even if it's pitched badly in a tight space and, yes, even if it is raining. The important thing is that air must be able to circulate around the entire canvas (so no folds) in order to keep mildew at bay.

Besides, drying a tent in your house can be very messy and affect your furnishings.

Pitch it in your garden, in a neighbour's garden, at the local park, maybe even ask a local farmer or campsite. Take your time: on a fair weather day your canvas bell tent can be dry in about 20 minutes. As a rule of thumb, a wet SoulPad really needs to be re-pitched within 24 hours in order to stop mildew from forming.

So remember the rule: Mould is for fools.

Specific details for drying, cleaning and packing your SoulPad will be found in the instructions included with your tent. If you've lost/loaned/recycled these you can find copies here.