Frequently asked questions

What is SoulPad's Flameshield™ Canvas?

The SoulPad Flameshield™ canvas is a canvas that has been specially developed by SoulPad as a result of 8 years of research and development. It is currently used to produce the SoulPad 4000-hybrid-G-FR™ and SoulPad 5000-hybrid-G-FR™ tents.

We're especially proud of what we've achieved: flame retardancy that remains active for the lifetime of the SoulPad.

The Flameshield™ canvas is thicker than most at 385g/m² but still remains lightweight. It is PU coated to provide a high level of water-resistance and it is flame-retardant but just as important - it remains breathable. These 4 functions are difficult to achieve in one material.

The SoulPad Flameshield™ canvas is groundbreaking and sets a whole new standard in terms of functionality, usability and comfort.


SoulPads made with Flameshield™ canvas come with a Statement of Performance. This is particularly useful for those wishing to use their SoulPad commercially and it should be kept safe for future reference.

The nature of this canvas dictates that more weathering is required than is the case with the rest of our range. It is essential that users put time aside to weather their SoulPad before coming to rely on it proper. Of course, if time is of the essence users can opt to treat with Fabsil and begin to use their SoulPad right away.

We've taken great care to independently test our Flameshield™ canvas to standards far higher than the commonly used 'cigarette test' (all of the SoulPads pass this test).

When the SoulPad 4/5000-hybrid-G-FR™ tent is used correctly and as intended the SoulPad Flameshield™ cotton canvas flysheet is flame retardant up to and including:-

CPAI-84-1995 Section 6

SoulPad’s Flameshield™ canvas meets the performance requirements prescribed in the Canvas Products Association international specification CPAI-84-1995 Section 6 for wall and top material of camping tentage.

ISO 6941-2003

SoulPad’s Flameshield™ canvas is produced in accordance with ISO 6941-2003.