Frequently asked questions

How do I Pack My SoulPad Away?

There are specific instructions on how to pack each SoulPad model away in the instructions that come with the tent. There is also a SoulPad video on this subject.

Make sure your SoulPad tent is completely dry before packing. Your SoulPad needs to dry out while pitched, any other way and the air may not circulate satisfactorily. This can be difficult during the colder months but is an absolute must. If it is wet moulds will appear, these are often extremely difficult to remove. If you must pack it away wet, you must pitch it again within 24 hours. Even if you have to pitch it in wet conditions, this will prevent the problems that occur when leaving a wet SoulPad tent in its bag. A SoulPad tent is better off wet but pitched than it is wet and packed in a bag without air circulating around it.

The canvas bag is large enough to contain your SoulPad in its entirety. However, it is advisable to pack the poles and pegs separately from the canvas in order to protect the canvas from damage.