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How do I fit the Blaze-tribeflue ?

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SoulPads tents are not flame retardant, so it is important that the flue pipe is exited through the space at the vent using the 1000mm Sleeved Pipe supplied with the Blaze-tribeflue kit. The sleeved pipe protects the canvas.

The stove itself needs to be steady, and situated on a durable flat surface such as large tiles or a piece of slate. We recommend the use of floor slate measuring a minimum of 60 x 40 x 1 cm. Slate has a textured surface and the Blaze stove is less likely to move on slate than if placed on a smoother surface. The slate should be positioned with some excess at the front of the stove in order to catch any stray embers and protect the groundsheet.

We also recommend the use of coir matting as a secondary measure to protect the groundsheet. Just as you would protect your carpet in front of a woodburner at home.

SoulPad's coir matting has been tested by the British Institute of Textiles for flame retardancy and is a more than suitable product to use with SoulPad tents. It is particularly useful when placed under the slate hearth (or similar). This way, the groundsheet is further protected from any stray embers.

Be sure to remove all labels from the stove and flue pipe before use.

There will be an odour of burning residues when the stove is first lit and you may be able to see the residues burning off the outer surface of the stove. For this reason it is recommended that your SoulPad is well vented when you light your stove for the first time. The odour will disappear as the stove burns off the residues. Keep the stove hot for a good long period of time to make sure the residues burn away successfully. Allow plenty of time for this process.

When using the Blaze stove with the Blaze tribe-flue, your Blaze stove will be positioned in the centre of your SoulPad. Please observe the following safety distances when using your Blaze stove at the centre: -

There are two methods for fitting the Blaze-tribeflue. Both methods require two people.

Fitting the Blaze-tribeflue, method 1: -

1. Begin to erect the SoulPad 5000-tribe following the instructions carefully.

2. At the point when the central pole is about to be fitted, from inside the tent push the Sleeved Pipe through the webbing and out of the top of the vent until it is approximately half way through.

3. Attach one of the 1000mm Flue Pipe sections to the sleeved pipe with a Locking Band.

4. Synchronise the lifting into position of the central pole with the erection of the Blaze-tribeflue. Depending on your height, you may need to attach a further section of 1000mm Flue Pipe to help hoist the flue pipe up into position alongside the central pole.

5. Once the central pole is fully erect you should find that the sleeved pipe (and any further sections of pipe which you attached) will stay in place without sliding back down. However, this causes some strain on the vent area, so have the remaining pipe sections to hand and attach with the remaining locking band(s), finishing with the 500mm Flue Pipe section at the base.

6. Ask your assistant to put into position the flat surface upon which you will site the stove, and any other flooring materials you may have in mind to protect the groundsheet. Position the stove directly below the flue pipe and place the final 500mm Flue Pipe section into the collar on the stove.

Remember to use the Glass Fibre Ladder Tape to seal the section between the stove and the 500mm Flue Pipe. In order to do this you will first need to remove the yellow backer from the ladder tape, and then stretch it around the flue pipe, adhesive side down, and with some force. This will insure a good snug fit. Make sure the flue pipe is upright and the stove is stable. Fresh ladder tape will need to be re-applied each time the stove and flue kit are moved.

7. Once the stove and flue pipe are installed correctly you can light the fire.

8. During rainy weather you will need to fit the canvas vent cap to the SoulPad 5000-tribe, to stop rain penetration at the vent. If following method 1, the vent cap can be fitted after the Blaze-tribeflue is in place. Two people can quite simply use the vent cap guy ropes to lift the vent cap up into position by synchronising its lift up the walls of the tent. When it is in place (with the tip of the vent cap on the top of the central pole), fasten the vent cap shut by first fixing the back guy ropes in place and working towards the split in the cap, wrapping the cap closed as normal.

Fitting the Blaze-tribeflue, method 2: -

1. Erect the SoulPad 5000-tribe (including the vent cap) following the instructions carefully.

2. Open the vent cap. Then, standing on a pair of step ladders, gently push the sleeved pipe section through the webbing and out the top of the vent until it is approximately half way through.

3. Attach the remaining two 1000mm Flue Pipe sections with locking bands, then attach the 500mm Flue Pipe section at the base.

4. Follow instructions 6 and 7 from method 1 above.

5. The Vent Cap will need to be fastened shut during rainy weather. Simply wrap the cap closed as normal.