Frequently asked questions

How Do I Erect My SoulPad ® Tent?

Please click the appropriate link below for instructions on how to erect your SoulPad® tent. There's also a short video explaining how to pitch a SoulPad-lite™

The order in which your SoulPad is erected is very important. Never assume you will remember the order, and always make sure you have a set of instructions with you each time you pitch your SoulPad tent.

SoulPad users can fall into bad habits and receive bad erection advice from other campers. This can have a negative impact on the longevity of your SoulPad and its overall performance. In case you lose them, these instructions are always available here on our website.

SoulPad 3000-hybrid™

SoulPad 3000-ultralite™

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SoulPad 4000-ease™

SoulPad 4000-hybrid™

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SoulPad 5000-hybrid™

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