Frequently asked questions

How Do I Choose a Good Place to Pitch?

Check with the land owner on the best places to pitch. They will understand best how their land fairs during different types of weather. The ideal site is flat and well-drained with short grass on a sound soil structure. Avoid  areas which are prone to flooding.

Avoid pitching under trees. Pitching under a tree and in woodlands can present problems: -

Falling leaves - left on the canvas to get wet can cause discoloration and degradation of the canvas beneath.

Bird droppings - birds like to rest in trees and leave deposits on your SoulPad.

Falling debris from the tree - can penetrate the canvas.

Mould and mildew formation - can be accelerated in woodland conditions, as it is here (damp, moist conditions) that mould and fungus can thrive.

The direction of the prevailing wind should also be taken into consideration. Try to pitch with the back of your SoulPad facing the prevailing wind. This will help to conduct the wind over the SoulPad rather than up against it.

An uneven pitch will place uneven tension on the canvas, poles and other components, as will an overly exposed pitch.

Once you have selected a good spot, before pitching remove any stones and loose debris that may cause damage to the groundsheet or discomfort underfoot.