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COVID 19: Instructions for a Safe Visit to the SoulPad Showroom

As a responsible company we take the wellbeing and safety of both our staff and customers extremely seriously. We have therefore conducted a detailed COVID 19 risk assessment in line with government requirements and made the necessary modifications to our operation to ensure those people who are working in or visiting our premises are protected.

Please find below links to both the risk assessment and an additional document, “COVID 19 Working Policy” detailing the procedures both the company and individuals need to adopt to keep a safe working environment. The most salient points for showroom visitors to follow are detailed here below.



  1. Regrettably, no children under the age of 16 years are permitted to visit at this time.

  2. No pets are permitted to visit at this time.

  3. A face covering is to be worn at all times. Please bring one with you.

  4. No handshaking or embracing.

  5. 2m social distance to be observed at all times.

  6. Please take your time. We have allowed a timeframe of two hours for your visit.

Upon arrival

  1. Please park your car in the space provided at the front of our showroom, by the main entrance.

  2. Remain in your car and notify us of your arrival by telephone: 0800 389 9193 

  3. Staff will let you know when it is safe to enter the building (i.e. that no other visitors are present).

  4. Please use the hand sanitiser adjacent to the door immediately upon entering.

During your visit

  1. We ask that you don’t touch any of the items on display.

  2. Please do enter the tents for a closer look, but avoid touching the tents and other items.

  3. Please remain in the main showroom area (where the tents are pitched).

  4. Staff will remain in the offices during your visit, communicating with you through a large sliding window and observing the 2m distance. They will answer any questions that you have.

  5. Tea, coffee and other such refreshments will not be available.

  6. A toilet is available for your use. Staff can direct you to these facilities. Antibacterial spray and paper towels are available for you to sanitise this area before and after use. Please dispose of used towels in the dustbin provided.

At the end of your visit

  1. Collections from our nearby warehouse are not possible at this time. If you would like to place an order, staff will take your details and payment by card. The stock would then be dispatched to you by courier.

  2. No cash payments at this time.

  3. If required, brochures and price lists will also be posted to you after your visit.


SoulPad COVID-19 Working Policy

SoulPad COVID-19 Risk Assessment