Frequently asked questions

Can I Have a Custom Designed SoulPad?

In short, no. It's not possible (soz). We want you to understand why though:

Any modification to a SoulPad tent would mean that tent must be regarded as a completely new article and must be re-developed and re-tested as such. This is a very lengthy and costly procedure and one that insures both user safety and satisfaction.

Modifications are not taken lightly here.

Even if the modification seems only to be a small ask (an extra window or a slightly higher wall for example) the entire structure would need to be re-submitted as a new design, re-sampled and passed through many rigourous testing procedures before rolling it out to market, even for a single, one-off purchase.

Whilst this policy does not grant us the popularity vote, it is this policy that sets us apart from others. You can rest assured that all SoulPad tents are produced following careful thought, consideration, modern manufacturing guidlines and meeting EU standards as we do so. There is no tent in our range that has been produced on a whim.

Over the years our customer's have helped shape our range. So don't let our policy stop you from communicating your 'wants' list to us! Whilst it's not our aim to roll out new models each season, we are genuinely interested in hearing your ideas and are 'all ears' to suggestions for improvement.