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Can I View a SoulPad®?


Offers (Affiliates)
SoulPads can be found dotted all over the UK (and abroad). The Offers section of this website details a few of the places where SoulPads can be found. Viewing is by appointment. Or why not take a short break at one of these sites using SoulPad tents, and check out the quality for yourself?

SoulPadders in Scotland can contact Craig at NES Bushcraft, N.E. Scotland to arrange to view his SoulPad 4000-hybrid-G by appointment. Details on our offers page.

SoulPad Showroom
The SoulPad indoor showroom welcomes you by appointment (to avoid dissapointment).

We have a wide range of SoulPad accessories on display along with the following SoulPad models:-

SoulPad 5000-hybrid-G™
SoulPad 4000-ease™
SoulPad 3000-ultralite™

The SoulPad showroom is at the following address:-

SoulPad Ltd.
Unit 7
Dolphin Business Park
IP24 2RY
T: 01953 688595


More details here.

Make a night of it! We can recommend some very nice campsites within a 5 minute drive of our showroom.