Choosing the Perfect Bell Tent

Choosing the perfect bell tent is easy at SoulPad. We offer a range of beautiful, practical and stylish tents to suit your glamping needs. This guide will help you choose the perfect bell tent for you.

What is a bell tent?

Bell tents are, by now, a staple of classic camping and glamping. They typically feature a central pole to support the canvas, giving it the classic 'bell' shape. The entrance is formed with an A-frame pole and the guy ropes keep the fabric taut, providing space inside and stability for the structure. SoulPad has always provided classic canvas designs and, although we've produced many designs in our long history, we now stick largely to the original bell tent sizes and shapes with modern twists to make canvas camping both practical and fun.

History of the Bell Tent

The original bell tent was known as the 'Sibley' tent, named after its' inventor Henry Hopkins Sibley, who based his design on the Native American Tipi. Our modern bell tent is made from a canvas manufactured with 21st-century high-tech methods so that it is water-resistant, breathable and offers a practical, extremely luxurious camping experience whether it is for family camping or glamping away from home.

Choosing the Perfect Bell Tent

Our traditional glamping tents are perfect for many different occasions. We stick to the traditional bell tent colour 'desert sand' (or 'beige' as some call it!). It's a classic bell tent look and won't go out of fashion any time soon. Remember that our tents can last a lifetime and will outlast any fad for a bright raspberry ice-cream colour. We also prefer practical sizes and don't go over 6m diameter unless it's for a unique project. In our experience, anything over 6m is too heavy to transport easily and impractical for a family - especially when wet. We cater for solo campers with our smallest 3-meter bell tent and its' lightweight cousin the 'Ultralite', as well larger groups including the Scouts and Guides groups. If you're a wheelchair user who goes camping you should take a look at our 5 meter XL with its' innovative new style entrance.

All of our bell tents have different groundsheet options - some have a sewn-in groundsheet (SIG) others have zipped-in groundsheets (ZIG). The ZIG provides the most versatile option because this style of groundsheet can remain attached to the tent or simply unzipped to allow the walls to be rolled up and let the breeze blow through. Perfect on a hot summer's day! You can read more about bell tent groundsheet styles at this link.

Choosing the perfect bell tent for you is simple; pick a size, pick a groundsheet style and you're away! As ever, if you've questions then don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!