Winter camping tips to help keep you and your family warm

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Winter camping tips to help keep you and your family warm
Published on: Nov 30 2021

Winter isn’t always seen as the best time of the year to go camping, but it can actually be pretty amazing. Picture yourself on a stroll through the snow with the kids on a crisp winter morning, or curled up by a log burner on a chilly night. It can be magical, but only if you prepare properly. A cold, wet winter camping trip is no fun for anyone. So, here’s how to keep your whole family warm, toasty and dry during your next break in the great outdoors:

• Pack lots of layers.

When it’s cold outside, wearing lots of insulating layers helps to keep the heat in and the cold out, especially at night. So, don’t just pack the woolly jumpers – make sure you have plenty of base layers in your rucksack too. 

• Look after those extremities.

Fingers and toes are highly susceptible to the cold, so pack thermal socks, gloves and plenty of spare pairs in case your little ones lose their mittens. And of course, a warm, insulating hat is a must-have to stop your body heat escaping from your head.  

• Sleep off the ground.

The more distance you can get between yourself and the ground, the warmer you’ll be at night. Choose glamping accommodation which includes a proper bed, so you won’t be shivering in your sleeping bag on the ground.  

• Get your heating sorted.

The best type of campsite for winter is one with insulated, heated accommodation, such as glamping pods. These give you a similar camping experience out in nature, but with the comfort of being indoors. If you are staying in a bell tent, make sure it’s properly fitted with a quality woodburning stove, flue and all the required safety equipment. This should keep you all nice and toasty during colder weather.  

• Make use of gadgets and accessories.

There are lots of affordable, portable things you can pack to help you and your family stay warm on a winter camping trip. For example, hot water bottles and hand warmers, coffee makers and kettles. Whatever staves off the chill at night and warms you up in the morning.  

• Prepare hot, hearty meals.

On a cold evening, a tasty stew or comforting soup in your stomach is just what the doctor ordered. Include some cooking equipment like a Bon-fire Mobile Kitchen in your kit list and you’ll be able to cook up all kinds of warming meals.  

• Make the most of the winter evenings with a campfire.

An outdoor campfire, brazier or firepit is a smart idea for practical purposes, as it’ll keep you all toasty while you tuck into your evening meal. But it’s also a key part of the winter camping experience, giving you a place to toast marshmallows, share ghost stories and enjoy some stargazing. Just make sure to practice all recommended health and safety measures, including checking that your fire is properly extinguished before going to bed.  


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