Top tips on making a glamping site successful

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Top tips on making a glamping site successful
Published on: Sep 24 2021

Setting up your own glamping site, or giving your campsite a luxury upgrade? It can sometimes be difficult to know how to get started, as well as what to choose to impress customers while keeping your budget in check.  

We’re here to help, with some handy tips on how to make your shiny new glampsite a roaring success. 

Do your homework 

The first step for any new business is to do the research. You need to look at your target customers, competitors, trends and the area. Figure out what’s missing in the area that you can provide, or what your site has that makes you unique.  

The most crucial part of your research should focus on who your ideal customer is, and what they’re looking for in a glamping destination. The more work you can do at this stage, the better informed your decisions will be.  

Using all this information, you can work out your costs and put together a glamping business plan.  

Sort your site 

Before you do anything else, you need to plan out your site. This means: 

• Working out how many tents/pods you can comfortably fit in 

• Adding the essentials, such as toilets, shower blocks and waste management  

• Earmarking space for other facilities (even if these will only come further down the line) such as a café, spa, communal areas or swimming pools.  

Ideally, your site should be flat, well-drained and not too exposed to the elements. Think about the privacy of your guests, and the sense of space you can offer them. Remember – no one likes a cramped campsite.  

Choose your tents 

As glamping is so popular these days, you’ll have lots of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation. Some of the most popular are bell tents, ridge tents and yurts, but you can also take a look at more rigid or permanent structures. For example, shepherd’s huts, treehouses or glamping pods – take a look at our stunning SoulPods for an idea of what these are like.  

Budget will be a primary concern when sourcing accommodation, but avoid the temptation to cheap out. Remember that your customers are looking for a luxury experience, and the better your accommodation, the more you can potentially charge per stay. But if money’s tight, focus on the things that really matter to your guests.  

Add in personal touches 

A great way to stand out from the competition is to personalise your glampsite wherever possible. 

This could simply mean thoughtful touches like fresh flowers in each tent, or something more unique or out there like a Swedish-style outdoor spa, alpaca yoga or treehouse rope swings.  

Decoration and atmosphere 

Glamping is all about elevating the ordinary camping experience, so your site needs to look and feel special. This is why it’s worth spending a decent chunk of time on decoration, lighting, soft furnishings, textiles, planting and greenery, and colour palettes.  

Think about it as creating beautiful indoor spaces outdoors. It’ll look great on your marketing, and even better in person.  

Shop bell tents, glamping accessories and more at the SoulPad shop – we have everything you need to kit out your glampsite from top to toe.