Tips on surviving a festival with the erratic British summer weather

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Tips on surviving a festival with the erratic British summer weather
Published on: Aug 18 2021

The great British summertime can always be relied upon… to be completely unreliable. There’s an element of uncertainty and packing panic if you’re heading to a UK festival, where it could be gloriously sunny or biblically rainy – or a combination of both.  


But we’re not going to let a bit of weather spoil our fun, especially after a year where many events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The key is to be prepared for absolutely anything.


You’ll need a little more space in the car boot for some extra kit, but it’ll be well worth it.  

Here are our top festival survival tips, to help you outfox the weather with some seriously smart packing: 

1.  Layers, layers and more layers


This is camping survival 101, but so many festival-goers forget about it when packing for a big outdoor event. You need lots of clothing options for a quick change if the temperature drops, the heavens open or there’s a sudden sunny spell. Essentials include insulating under layers, a waterproof outer shell and plenty of sun protection – including hat and sunblock.  


2. Pack a solid pair of shoes


Along with something waterproof, good footwear is one of the most important things you can pack for a British festival. Avoid canvas trainers, as they can be slippery and absorb moisture during bad weather – it’s a sure-fire route to trench foot. Instead, go for wellies or walking boots. They don’t have to be purely functional either, as there are lots of eye-catching, festival-ready styles out there.  


3. Sleep off the ground


Sleeping close to the ground means poor insulation and a chilly night, but it’s even worse when the ground is wet. Make sure you get a comfortable, cosy night’s sleep by packing a proper bed. An adult bunk can be surprisingly portable, folding up to a small size for easy packing. You can also find kids bunks in a smaller size, and use both options as a sofa or day bed. 


4. Invest in a good tent – with a porch


Whether you prefer a simple, slimline one-man tent or a bell tent big enough for a whole group, quality is crucial. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a cold night in a leaking tent. It can be worth spending a little more to get a well-made tent that’ll last the whole of the festival and beyond.  


A porch on your tent is very handy to have, as it gives you somewhere to shelter and socialise during a shower, but a stretch tent canopy can be a good covered communal area for groups.  


5. Treat yourself to a few glamping essentials


Some people love the idea of roughing it at a festival, but others need their creature comforts. When the weather is frightful, a few indulgences can make a big difference to your festival experience.  


Get yourself a Glamper-Hamper Plus kit, containing everything you need for a better-than-average camping weekend. For example, a multifuel stove, bunting and festoon lights to decorate your campsite and a stylish LED hurricane lamp with an atmospheric flickering flame.  


Stock up on all your camping and glamping essentials at SoulPad, the perfect place to get festival ready in style.