The escalating appeal of glamping pods

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The escalating appeal of glamping pods
Published on: Oct 14 2021

Glamping comes in many forms, from beautiful bell tents to lodges, pods and cabins. All of these accommodation types have one thing in common – luxury. This is why glamping appeals to so many different types of holiday makers, especially those who love the great outdoors but aren’t so keen on roughing it under canvas.  

The latest craze is for glamping pods, which have become increasingly popular over the last few years. These self-contained units bridge the gap between tent and building, being so compact that they can be placed anywhere. Think of them like a mini hotel room, nestled into a traditional campsite. Crucially, these pods sit lightly on the land, without spoiling the beautiful countryside surrounding them.  

Cleverly designed units like our SoulPods are fully insulated, double-glazed and come with everything needed for a luxury escape. They’re stylishly but simply furnished, so you still get a camping-like experience along with a proper bed and private bathroom.  

Why does everyone love glamping pods so much?  

Pods offer all kinds of tempting benefits, which is why they’re likely to stick around as the glamping accommodation of choice for many years to come. Let’s take a look at few of the reasons they have the edge on tents: 

  • Like hotel rooms, only better 

We all appreciate a stay in a luxurious hotel room, but it usually means sleeping in the heart of a building. This means restricted views and the need to travel to reach the best rural and countryside spots. But with a glamping pod, you get the same luxury touches as a hotel room, but you’re right in the heart of nature. You can simply step outside the door and drink in the panoramic countryside views as you sip your morning coffee – bliss.  

  • Best option out of season 

While many glamping tents come with heating (i.e. a wood burner), they aren’t best suited to camping in the depths of winter. But in a fully insulated SoulPod, you’re 100% protected from the elements. With heating, you’re warm and cosy whatever the season. This makes glamping pods a year-round camping solution, allowing you to get out and enjoy the beauty of autumn/winter without freezing your toes off.  

  • No setup 

Glamping pods are permanent, which means no setup required once they’re installed. So, neither you or the campsite owner will need to wrestle with a tent in the pitch dark. You can arrive, unpack and start your holiday right away.  

  • Private facilities 

Many glamping pods come with ensuite bathroom facilities. If you’ve ever been camping and had to share facilities, you’ll know just how good a luxury this really is. It means no freezing 4am walks to the toilet block or queuing for the showers. And some glamping pods even come with their own hot tub, so you can soak away your cares while staring up at the stars. There’s nothing quite like it. 

Want to experience ‘podlife’ for yourself? Check out our stunning SoulPods – you’ll love their natural, welcoming aesthetics and clever use of space.