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Show Some Love
Published on: Apr 28 2021

Being in the outdoors has been proven to benefit mental wellbeing


, improve mood


and increase happiness levels 



At SoulPad HQ we hope you're buzzing with camping plans and having a great time so far this season. The British weather hasn't been all that fantastic recently but it's early days, right? 

Hardened UK campers will be used to a bit of variety in the weather and would never let a bit of rain get in the way of a good adventure but here's a friendly reminder that, if not adhered to, could put a mouldy dampener on your plans... 

Wet summers mean warm, damp conditions which are not ideal for canvas or polycotton tents. Thoroughly dry your tent before packing it away or - if you're running a glampsite or campsite - perhaps treat your bell tents to a bit of TLC by giving them the once-over with Fabsil as in our Care Pack. Fabsil will protect from mildew - so even if a bell tent doesn't need cleaning you should still treat it to a good spray of the Fabsil. Application is easy, you'll be protecting your investment; helping it look good all through the season. Glampsites should aim to do this three times during April to September. It's much easier to do the legwork now than to realise all too late that your next outdoor adventure may not leave you so happy after all. 

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