Off the grid: The benefits of camping and a 'digital detox'

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Off the grid: The benefits of camping and a 'digital detox'
Published on: Aug 18 2021

A holiday is an excellent chance to switch off, unplug and unwind. And there’s no better way to truly enjoy a digital detox than camping. There’s no Wi-Fi, no screens and no city centre bustle to distract you or disrupt your peace and quiet. Choose the right location to pitch your tent, and you’ll have nothing but beautiful, soothing natural surroundings.

Let’s explore some of the ways camping can help you slow down and reap the benefits of going ‘off grid’…

Get back in touch with nature

Camping gives you the ultimate freedom to explore and immerse yourself in nature. As long as you have a tent and permission to camp, you can pitch up virtually anywhere – from deep in the woods to next to a gorgeous sandy beach.

In your tent, you’re only a canvas’ breadth from the great outdoors, with no walls to separate you from the sights and sounds of the wild. You can stargaze at night, with no city light pollution spoiling the view, and listen to birds calling as they roost in the evening.

Without pinging phone notifications or 24-hour rolling news to distract you, all your attention is on the here and now. This can make camping a truly mindful experience, where simply being in a green space can boost your mood.

Banish your ‘must-be-busy’ mindset

Many of us are caught up in a kind of competitive busy-ness, where we feel we must always be being productive or useful. Camping allows you to simply be. You can sit and talk with friends, enjoy a snooze in a hammock, take a stroll or sip a glass of wine and watch the sunset – without feeling the need to get up and do something. It can be blissfully freeing, and can help you relax more when you head back into everyday life.

Enjoy a slower, simpler lifestyle

If your typical day is dominated by emails, meetings and even TV schedules, camping can be a shock to the system at first. You have so much more time available, but there’s no rush to do a thing.

Days can be spent solely in the pursuit of fun experiences, where your watch and calendar don’t matter and things take as long as they take. This slower pace of life can be irresistibly soothing, and you won’t want to go back to your hectic lifestyle.

Top tips for a digital detox camping trip

  • Off the grid doesn’t have to mean no electricity and no modern conveniences.

    There are lots of gadgets available to ensure you have a comfortable trip, including solar powered lighting, cool boxes, water pumps and gas-fired stoves. You can even find espresso makers that require no electricity.


  • Embrace the tactile.

    If you’re looking forward to a mindful trip, surround yourself with cosy textiles and soft fabrics for that true hygge experience. For example, kit out your tent with a great rug, fluffy blankets on the bed and a smattering of woollen pouffes. These cosy touches will make your campsite feel more like home.


  • Do plenty of preparation.

    Things aren’t always as convenient on an off-grid campsite, so you may need to do a little more packing and preparation to ensure a comfortable stay. For example, charging batteries, printing out hiking maps and checking the weather forecast in advance so you can pack appropriately.

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