How to look after a bell tent

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How to look after a bell tent
Published on: Sep 22 2021

If you’ve bought yourself a beautiful bell tent, you can look forward to many years of magical glamping adventures under its canvas. But to get the most from your bell tent, you’ll need to give it a little TLC.


Here’s our rundown of care and maintenance tips for your tent, including our 4000, 5000 and 6000 hybrid bell tents…

Packing your bell tent away  

The critical thing to remember when packing away your bell tent is that it needs to be completely dry. If it isn’t, you could end up with mould and mildew. This can be very difficult to remove, not to mention being unpleasant.  

So, if possible, let your bell tent fully dry out while pitched. This is the best way to dry it, as it means the air can circulate properly and remove any moisture from the material. If you’re packing away in torrential rain and there’s no opportunity to dry the tent, don’t panic. Just make sure you pop your tent back up again to dry when you get home.  


Other things to remember when packing away your bell tent: 

• Follow all the instructions carefully – you can also check out our video for more tips.  

• Pack poles and pegs separately to the rest of the tent – this can protect the canvas from any damage.  


Storing your bell tent 

Between glamping escapes, it’s important to store your bell tent properly. Follow these tips: 

• Make sure that the ground sheet and fly sheet are completely dry before storing 

• Store in a dry place, ideally at room temperature 

• Avoid storing anything on top of your bell tent, as this can potentially distort the fabric 

• Get your tent out of storage at least once a year, to check it over for damp, signs of rodent damage/activity – and to help it recover its shape.  


Cleaning your tent 

SoulPad bell tents come pre-treated so that the material is water, mould and UV resistant. But this treatment won’t last forever, so you may need to clean your bell tent from time to time.  

This is a crucial job, as it can extend the lifespan of your tent. Ignore a stain or spot though, and you could find that the problem spreads to other areas. It could even result in the disintegration of the canvas if left for too long.  

Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your bell tent: 


• Wipe away dried mud, dust and stains as soon as they appear – keeping on top of this can help you avoid more intensive cleaning later on 

• Wherever you clean, you’ll need to re-waterproof. However, always use a specialised cleaning agent first, before using any waterproofing treatment – and not the other way around.  

• Never put your bell tent in a washing machine – this could damage both machine and tent.  

• It could be a good idea to call in a professional canvas cleaning specialist.  


For more advice and help on looking after your bell tent, feel free to contact the SoulPad team. You can also take a look at our FAQs for more info.