Glamping in the autumn or winter – what do you need to take?

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Glamping in the autumn or winter – what do you need to take?
Published on: Oct 15 2021

A luxury camping trip during colder seasons can be just as good as summer glamping, but for different reasons. Nature is at its colourful, crisp best during autumn, and if you’re lucky you’ll get snowy scenes during winter.  

This is where glamping really comes into its own, giving you a warm, cosy place to snuggle up and listen to the weather outside. So, pop another log on the wood burner, open a bottle of red and enjoy that lovely ‘hygge’ feeling. 

But to stay cosy rather than wet and chilly, packing the right things is essential. Here’s a handy autumn/winter glamping checklist: 

  • Great lighting 

Night falls early at this time of year, so you’re going to need more task lighting to see by. But don’t forget about atmosphere – warm twinkly festoon lights and lanterns are crucial for creating a cosy feeling inside your tent or glamping pod. And don’t forget a torch for those magical winter walks! 

  • Heating and stoves 

All glamping accommodation should come with some kind of heating during the colder months. If you’re using a SoulPad bell tent, a Blaze stove is a perfect way to safely heat it – a lightweight, efficient wood burning stove.  

Just make sure you remember those all-important safety accessories, including the Blaze-flue kit to vent out fumes and The Genie to seal the chimney exit (so that fumes don’t come back inside). Any stove accessories can be kept in a Blaze-flue canvas bag for easier packing.  

  • Warm, woolly clothing and blankets 

Like on any camping trip, it’s good to pack lots of layers just in case you get too hot or too cold. On autumn/winter glamping trips, you’re likely to be chilly – so fill your rucksack with warm jumpers, gloves, hats and thick socks. Don’t forget those vital insulating underlayers, and bring along some blankets to snuggle into of an evening.  

  • Sturdy, waterproof footwear 

A good pair of walking boots or wellies are one of the best things you can pack for a camping holiday. They’ll keep your feet warm, dry and supported whatever the weather, especially when out on walks and hikes in the countryside.  

  • Waterproofs 

Even if the forecast’s looking reasonably dry, it’s always good to be prepared with waterproof coats and umbrellas.  

  • Rainy day entertainment 

Wet weather is fine on an autumn/winter glamping holiday, provided your accommodation is fully weatherproof and you have something to do. In fact, there’s nothing nicer than curling up with a book while the rain outside patters on the tent, or getting stuck into a lively board game with the family. So, make sure you pack some rainy day activities for those blissful slow days. 

  • Hot drinks and hearty food 

Nothing beats a steaming hot chocolate and marshmallows on a cold day, so pack the right supplies so you can quickly whip up a batch. You’ll need a camping stove or kettle, and if it’s dry you can even toast your marshmallows on an open fire.   

You’ll find everything you need for amazing glamping adventures all year round at the SoulPad shop – check out what’s new here.