Best 10 things to take Glamping

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Best 10 things to take Glamping
Published on: Jun 17 2021

You can upgrade the ordinary camping experience quite easily, with a comfy bed, some proper
flooring and of course, a beautiful bell tent.

But if your idea of glamping heaven is an all-out, five-star luxury experience, you’re going to need to think bigger. Here are the must-have glamping accessories that can turn a comfortable camping trip into a fabulous VIP getaway…

1. Hammocks

The beauty of hammocks is that they’re portable. This means you can pop one up (or find some suitable nearby trees) and enjoy a lazy nap in the sun whenever and wherever you are. A hammock is perfect at the beach, but it can be just as delightful gently swaying in a sun-dappled forest or a lush green meadow.

2. Textiles and soft furnishings

Say sayonara, sleeping bag. It’s time for cosy bedding, plush pillows, patterned rugs, woollen pouffes and lots of fluffy blankets. There’s nothing better than snuggling down in your tent among the softest of soft furnishings on a windy evening.

3. A powerful lantern

Good lighting is essential for any glamping experience, not only for practical purposes but for atmosphere too. Get yourself a good chargeport lantern with a long-lasting battery, or if you prefer a more traditional look – a chrome hurricane lantern that also serves as a heating source.

4. Air sofa or inflatable lounger

A simple yet ingenious invention, you can find all kinds of air-filled armchairs, sofas and loungers to choose from. They take up hardly any space in your bag, but give you fully portable, wonderfully squishy seating for every occasion.

5. A mobile kitchen

There are lots of choices of glamping cookware setups out there, from campfire classics such as the Dutch Oven and handy bonfire kitchens which pop up on a tripod, all the way through to packaway full kitchen sets.

6. Solar fairy or festoon lights

Every camp needs a touch of sparkle, and even better is a set of lights that you don’t need to plug in. Set them up in the daytime, and let the sun charge them while you’re off exploring. You’ll come back to an atmospheric, gently twinkling camp.

7. Coffee machine

 There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the great outdoors. But you don’t have to settle for instant, as you can buy coffee percolators or hand-powered espresso machines.

8. Pop-up picnic table

A great dining space is crucial to any outdoor adventure. Depending how much storage space you have available, you can either go for a fold-away picnic table or an inflatable one (although watch out – these can sometimes be a little wobbly).

9. A brazier or fire basket

To spend your evenings around a cosy campfire, staring up at the stars with a tipple in hand, you’ll need a fire basket, brazier or fire pit. Remember that safety is key here, so it’s worth spending a little more to get a great quality product.

10. An inflatable hot tub

Now for something a little extra. If you’re really pushing the boat out but don’t have room to take a full-size spa with you, shop around for an inflatable hot tub instead. You’ll need a pump and a water source, but it can be well worth it.

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