SoulPad 5000-hybrid™

Cotton canvas fly with zipped-in groundsheet (ZIG), 5m diameter, 1.75m entrance, 3m at centre, weight 29kg. This SoulPad® combines some of the luxury and practicality of the SoulPad-ease™ tents with all of the fun and drama of the SoulPad-lites™

The zip is protected and concealed by a canvas storm flap that runs its length to ensure zero penetration of water.

Luxurious, extra thick (540g/m2) groundsheet which is 100% waterproof.

This groundsheet is 'bath tub' style, so if you find yourself at a festival camping in a field-turned-lake, you know it's not going to let the water in.

If you're lucky enough to be at a sunny festival and in need of some cool, breezy shade, simply unzip the groundsheet and roll the walls up. Perfect if you need to catch some Zzz's on a hot day.

There are four zipped windows on this SoulPad® and four vents at the top of the bell, all with mosquito mesh fitted.

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What’s in the box?

x28 pin pegs
x14 stake pegs
x1 a-frame cap
x1 peg bag
x1 cotton canvas fly sheet
x1 canvas bag
x1 groundsheet
x1 central pole
x1 a-frame
x1 pole bag
x14 guy lines with slides

To give an idea of the internal space available in this SoulPad®: it can easily accommodate 3 standard sized double air-mattresses, and still allow plenty of space for the entrance and equipment/luggage. The 5000-hybrid™ will comfortably accommodate up to four users.

Item Metric Imperial
Floor diameter Ø 500 cm 16.4'
Centre height
300 cm 9' 10"
Vertical wall height 60 cm 2'
Entrance height (highest) 175 cm 5' 7"
Entrance width (widest) 220 cm 86.6"
Central pole Ø 3.5 cm 1.4"
A-frame pole Ø 2.2 cm 0.9"
Total weight 32.3 kg 71.21 lbs
Main bag dimensions 112 x 32 x 28 cm 43.6 x 12.5 x 11"
Canvas weight 285g 10.05 ounces 

EU Classification: Touring Tent (type T)

Price: £570.00

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