Hammock & Stand Package

2 different colours. Our smallest hammock and stand. A bargain package combining a spruce wood hammock stand and hammock.

Blue, green, yellow stripe
Hammock stand (for size L hammocks): 358 x 113 x 105 cm
Hammock size L: 200 x 100 cm
Max load: 120 kg

Pink, purple stripe
Hammock stand (for size L hammocks): 358 x 113 x 105
Hammock size L: 200 x 100 cm
Max load: 120 kg

From: £235.00

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  • We’re off to take our 93yr old mum to the polling station. She’s a bit fearful of dogs though. June 23, 2016 14:38
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  • The SoulPad 5000-lite - one of the best family tents, according to @telegraph. Chuffed! https://t.co/BJy1eTwc46 June 21, 2016 10:07
  • It's good for the garden though hey! ???? #summer #weather https://t.co/Op0esaJsql June 20, 2016 11:57
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