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How Do I Fit The Blaze-flue?

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Version: 2


Fitting the Blaze-flue is a doddle!


The silicone pipe flashing is suitable for flue pipes up to 240 degrees Celsius. The design temperature in solid fuel appliances is 450 degrees Celsius, much lower in small stoves. The flashing (Collar Back Plate) must therefore be fitted a minimum of 600mm from the stove, to allow the pipe gases to cool down. Only wood should be burned in the Blaze stove when used in combination with this flue kit. Anything else is likely to burn too hot.

Ultimately, the decision of where to locate the Blaze-flue and stove will be yours. It is strongly recommended that it is fitted away from the exit. It's important to keep the exit clear for safety reasons. The exit also endures the most traffic, which may present problems if the stove is located too close to it. Once you have considered how you will use your SoulPad, the Blaze and Blaze-flue need to be located in the least vulnerable area.

We recommend if you are standing outside the SoulPad® tent facing the entrance (with the entrance being at 6 O'clock on a clock face), the Blaze-flue is fitted at 9 O'clock. Please keep in mind the following safety distances:


In all cases where the Blaze-flue is used, the stove needs to be sited away from the centre of the SoulPad, closer to the 'wall', with the flue pipe fitted through the canvas 'roof' via the silicone collar included with the Blaze-flue kit.

SoulPads tents are not flame retardant, so it is important that the flue pipe is fitted through the silicone collar supplied with the flue kit. For the same reason it is equally important to position carefully the stove back plate behind the stove itself. The back plate will slot into the purpose-made arms at the back of the stove and will serve to protect the canvas from the heat and throw heat back into the tent.

The stove itself needs to be steady, and situated on a durable flat surface such as large tiles or a piece of slate. We recommend the use of floor slate measuring a minimum of 60 x 40 x 1 cm. Slate has a textured surface and the Blaze stove is less likely to move on slate than if placed on a smoother surface. The slate should be positioned with some excess at the front of the stove in order to catch any stray embers and protect the groundsheet.

We also recommend the use of coir matting as a secondary measure to protect the groundsheet. Just as you would protect your carpet in front of a woodburner at home.

SoulPad's coir matting has been tested by the British Institute of Textiles for flame retardancy and is a more than suitable product to use with SoulPad tents. It is particularly useful when placed under the slate hearth (or similar). This way, the groundsheet is further protected from any stray embers.

Be sure to remove all labels from the stove and flue pipe before use.




Fitting the Blaze-flue:

These instructions apply whether you are fitting the Blaze-flue to a regular SoulPad, or to a SoulPad with the Genie pre-fitted.

A Note to Genie™ Users

_mg_7721If you are fitting the Blaze-flue to a SoulPad with the Genie pre-fitted you will need to roll up (and fasten out of the way using the toggles) the outer layer of the Genie (the canvas, velcroed flap on the outside of the tent). You will be cutting the middle layer of canvas which up until now has been a canvas blank.

In step 7 below you will be cutting the middle layer of canvas which up until now has been a canvas blank, and you will be trimming away the excess of the inner most layer (the circular aperture, meant as a guide for positioning/cutting) so that only the Silicone Collar and the Collar Back Plate can come into contact with the flue sections. Particularly at the base of the Collar Back Plate, as illustrated here: _mg_7659

1. The aperture in the Silicone Collar will fit snugly to the flue. There is no need for any cutting of the silicone collar.

2. Place the Silicone Collar's Collar Back Plate (aluminium plate with circular cut-out) on a drillable surface with the silicone collar lined up on top. If you have also purchased the Back Plate Blank, it is a good idea to line this up with these items at this time too.

3. Using a drill bit make holes in the corners of the silicone collar's outer edge through to the Collar Back Plate so that the holes line up. One hole in each corner, then two more evenly spaced along the top and bottom edges and one more along each side. Using a marker pen, mark each component with an identical symbol in the same place on each. This way you won't get muddled trying to line them up later.

4. Once you have decided where to fit the flashing, place the Silicone Collar outside in the right spot. If fitting the flashing to the Genie, the location is already calculated for you and you simply need to line up the Silicone Collar on the outside with the circular aperture on the inside.

5. Ask your assistant to line up the Collar Back Plate and mark out the drilled holes with a pen. Poke a bodkin or drill bit through the holes and the canvas and fix the screws through from outside the tent with the washers in place.

6. Finish by adding the remaining washers and wing nuts to the ends of the screws inside of the tent.

7. Cut away the visible canvas you now have sandwiched between the above components (inside the circular cut-out of the Collar Back Plate). It is better to do this from inside the tent. You will need a sharp Stanley/craft knife or scissors to do this.

8. Inside the tent, fix the 500mm section of flue (the shortest) to the stove. You will find using the shorter 500mm section here will make the next steps easier.

Remember to use the Glass Fibre Ladder Tape to seal the section between the stove and the 500mm flue pipe. In order to do this you will first need to remove the yellow backer from the ladder tape, and then stretch it around the flue pipe, adhesive side down, and with some force. This will insure a good snug fit. Make sure the flue pipe is upright and the stove is stable. Fresh ladder tape will need to be re-applied each time the stove and flue kit are moved.

9. Attach the Witches Hat to the upper most part of the 1000mm flue pipe using the first locking band.

10. From outside the tent slide the second length of flue pipe (1000mm) through the silicone collar, using water as a lubricant if necessary. Your assistant will need to guide this second length down onto the first section. Once in place, attach the two pieces of flue pipe together using the second locking band.

11.Get the flue pipe to stand vertically. There are three movements involved in achieving this:

_mg_7654a) Move the stove back or fourth (if the ground is not flat you may have to alter the pitch of the stove also)
b) Move the silicone collar up or down along the flue pipe.
c) Manipulate the silicone collar along its top edge, causing some bunching on the inside, as in the picture (the silicone collar is meant to flex in this way).

You will notice there is provision to attach guy ropes to the witches hat if further stability is needed (e.g if camping in breezy weather).

12. Once the stove and flue pipe are installed correctly you can position the stove back plate and light the fire. The stove back plate is rectangular. It should be installed with the longest edges parallel to the ground.

There will be an odour of burning residues when the stove is first lit and you may be able to see the residues burning off the outer surface of the stove. For this reason it is recommended that your SoulPad is well vented when you light your stove for the first time. The odour will disappear as the stove burns off the residues. Keep the stove hot for a good long period of time to make sure the residues burn away successfully. Allow plenty of time for this process.


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