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How Do I Erect My SoulPad ® Tent?

Please click the appropriate link below for instructions on how to erect your SoulPad® tent. There's also a short video explaining how to pitch a SoulPad-lite™

The order in which your SoulPad is erected is very important. Never assume you will remember the order, and always make sure you have a set of instructions with you each time you pitch your SoulPad tent.

SoulPad users can fall into bad habits and receive bad erection advice from other campers. This can have a negative impact on the longevity of your SoulPad and its overall performance. In case you lose them, these instructions are always available here on our website.

SoulPad 3000-hybrid™

SoulPad 4000-lite™

SoulPad 4000-ease™

SoulPad 4000-hybrid™

SoulPad 4000-hybrid-G™

SoulPad 5000-lite™

SoulPad 5000-ease™

SoulPad 5000-hybrid™

SoulPad 5000-hybrid-G™

SoulPad 5000-tribe™


You may need Adobe Reader, which is free and can be downloaded from here .


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  • Jocelyn 'Ainesleah' Wirth Good afternoon - Last June I asked if there were any plans for a Canadian distributor for SoulPad tents. I was just following up to see if there had been any movement on this? If not, do you have any idea how much it would cost to ship to Canada (or w
  • 10291839_10152425702237502_3317379208439530397_n Helen Gray Just to say we LOVE our Bell tent, so quick and easy, but spacious for 2 adults and 2 dogs! Its always commented on by others too.
  • Nicola McHugh Hi SoulPad Fans... I was hoping for some advice. (I am a first time camper.) My Husband and I would like to take our 3 year old Son camping for the first time in the New Forest. NONE of us have ever been camping before. We are looking to buy a tent that
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  • SoulPad SoulPad have Partnered with Cotswold Outdoor. From today you can puchase SoulPad goodies on-line and in-store at Cotswold Outdoor. Good eh?
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