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Our expertise in manufacturing classic designs will enable you to put your indoors outdoors and to be comfortable in the wild, in a field, in the garden, on a campsite or wherever your adventures take you.
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The tent is amazing. They're such great tents.

Aaron Fletcher, of 'The Bees'

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  • Stock

    July 26, 2015 00:00

    All SoulPads are currently in stock and we're able to deliver free of charge within 48hrs (Mon-Fri) to

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  • Glasto on a Budget

    June 10, 2015 01:00

    Here, Julie Bowen looks at doing Glasto on a budget. Julie says;

    Going to the Glastonbury Festival isn't cheap these days. We've looked at how much you'll need to sav...

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  • Doing Festivals On The Cheap!

    April 15, 2015 01:00

    Festivals are one of the best parts of a British summer, but they can be seriously costly. If you plan ahead and know what's in store, you'll be able to cut your costs and ma...

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  • Woods for Learning looking forward to testing out our first soulpad 6000 hybrid this weekend thank you soulpad.
  • 11899904_1010192659012319_7885375125673431027_n SoulPad Some late availability at Pinewood this bank holiday....
  • 11899904_1010192659012319_7885375125673431027_n Pinewood Park Bank Holiday weekend availability update: Tipis - Only 1 Woodland SoulPad Tipi left £240 for 3 nights for a family of 4 Luxury Glamping Lodge - 1 available £375 for a 3 night break Everything else fully booked, with some availability from Monday 31st.
  • 11905747_878381018882214_7550706892619137171_n Elaine Croft Camping with 3 kids! :)
  • John Clohesy Delighted with my new SoulPad 5000 Tribe..after 10 years with a SoulPad 4000 which has travelled everywhere
  • 11896056_10152901036240666_2414384612309176790_n SoulPad Great family fun trying out the new Venture Canoe from Tim at Pyranha Kayaks, along with a selection of handmade canoes by John at birchcanoes.com
  • Fearghus Mac Cailin Looks like our Soulpad leaks, but not through the seams or anything. The poles that frame the doorway, where they poke through the canvas at the top, is the issue. Rain runs down the tent to that hole, slips in between the pole and the hole, and runs down
  • 11870919_1006283409403244_6754359034511867560_n Pinewood Park Tipi tents this summer from only £20 per person per night (based on a family of 4) Dogs can stay for FREE too! With discounted vouchers valued at over £250 PLUS less than HALF PRICE Sealife tickets available - it's a great, fun & memorable value family br
  • Sarah Zenophy Kettle Help!!!! We have some Mildew on our soulpad! :( we were bad owners and obviously didn't dry it out enough when we last put it away! :( is there anything we can do? Thanks xxx
  • 11863333_899753996739691_6549732827645774859_n A Wild Year Perfect camping on a warm summer evening Pitchperfect Camping SoulPad #wildlife #familyadventures #belltent #camping
  • Sarah Wakefield Hi guys, any chance you could ask your followers for recommendations on a camp bed...... Not a blow up air bed and something suitable for 2???? We need something for September :-)
  • SoulPad Some splendid tips on camping with kids, pitching a SoulPad and more. Courtesy of A Wild Year. Read all about it here: http://ow.ly/QZjC6
  • 11903862_1003578173007101_5464778368314484307_n Pinewood Park This Weekend's availability: Camping Shacks - fully booked Western Wagons - fully booked Camping Cabin - fully booked Normal Tipis - fully booked Lovely SoulPad Woodland Tipi - only 1 available - 1 or more nights Luxury Lodge - 1 available - 2 night minim
  • 11846664_905957529476300_2863678968679943951_n SoulPad Our friends at Gorsey Meadow Camping (here in Norfolk) know how to glamp it up! A secluded meadow available for group bookings...
  • Caroline Rosie Dent do you do a 3 metre polycotton bell with a frame ? I am looking for one
  • 11831747_10153228036757763_3314034077068261107_n Lou Blackaby Loving our Soulpad. Experienced 40mph winds. Noisy but no harm done. Will be buying guy locks for our next wild West Wales trip! Thanks Soulpad for an A* service pre and post purchase!
  • Lou Blackaby I have to say the customer service from your team is fab. Thank you soul pad!
  • 11866385_10153551931672363_5235758679518532165_n Holly Golightly Summertime with SoulPad at Forestside Farm Camp Site bliss!
  • 11239653_10155939481500370_7929400475539496497_n SoulPad We love seeing pics of your SoulPads 'out in the field', like this one from our buddies at Housedean Farm Campsite...
  • 11239653_10155939481500370_7929400475539496497_n Nick Hope Our Soulpad is amazing! The name fits the product perfectly! Thank you
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  • RT @CotswoldKeswick: @CWSolihull @CotswoldBrecon "Happy Tent Show" ours is up & running for the Bank Holiday Weekend #camping2015 #FF http:… August 29, 2015 11:23
  • Go Team Curlydog! RT @curlydogltd: Team Curlydog were at the beach last week with our @Volkswagen and @soulpad set up http://t.co/46PAiVXIQ6 August 25, 2015 15:45
  • The best thing for making a warming campfire stew is this superb dutch oven - now in stock. http://t.co/Yk3Mk8Gxe8 August 25, 2015 12:50
  • Never more summery than when it's raining. RT @Daftaida: @soulpad Great British summer!!!! http://t.co/yePivv7e4g August 25, 2015 12:32
  • RT @Oxfamstewards: Started with Oxfam this year & made it to supervisor? #NOMINATE YOURSELF 2 win a @soulpad tent http://t.co/wOPCHmzSBm ht… August 23, 2015 12:36
  • Tips on camping with kids, pitching a SoulPad and more courtesy of @AWildYear. Read about it here: http://t.co/OkNh8QphjQ August 17, 2015 14:40
  • RT @AnoushkaFeiler: Glamping in the Gower - bairns snoring softly.... Hot chocolate ... - toasty! Our @soulpad rocks! http://t.co/lHdY5Y4AoB August 17, 2015 13:26
  • Hope you had fun. RT @Arthurvw1986: We're off camping this wkd and bought a new tent... Spent a night in it already and it's bril @soulpad August 14, 2015 09:55
  • Glad to hear it! RT @dutyhero: @soulpad first weekend away with our new tent . Loving it !!! http://t.co/gyr5axGGlL August 13, 2015 14:03
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